The Vampire Awoken

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Author :
Release : 2022-04-26
Genre : Paranormal Romance
Kind : ebook
Book Rating : 4.5/5 (51 reviews)


Book Synopsis The Vampire Awoken by : Juliette N Banks

Download or read book The Vampire Awoken written by Juliette N Banks. This book was released on 2022-04-26. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: Does he pose a threat to the king or the female he can't walk away from?

Ancient vampire, Ari Moretti, lived in his brother's (the king) shadow and lost his identity. Now the Moretti royal family knows he's alive and they're working covertly together to destroy a common enemy, but Ari is ready to own his powerful birthright. For that, he needs his mate. When he meets sexy brunette, Sage, he's stunned at his possessive reaction and wonders if, after fifteen hundred years, she could be the one. Until he finds out who she is and what she does.

Sage, a laboratory assistant, doesn't trust her sister, or men, after she stole her college boyfriend. She'd rather focus on her promotion and read sexy novels. An opportunity to spend a delicious, naughty evening with two Adonis-looking men—at the same time, gulp—appears. Sage soon realizes she's fallen into a dangerous world that shouldn't exist. One she's unwittingly entwined and will need to decide what's more important to get out of.

Has Ari finally met his mate after all these centuries, only to find out she's his enemy? Or will Sage let her heart rule her need for scientific answers?

The Vampire Awoken is the next instalment in the Moretti Blood Brothers series of paranormal vampire romances. Part paranormal romance, part action-adventure, it will appeal to anyone who loves fated-mates and military romance with supernatural abilities. And a happy ever after!


What readers are saying about The Vampire Awoken:


"Overall this book burrowed into me. I don't know how or why but Ari has dug himself so deep into me that he's in my dreams and I can't shake him. That hasn't happened in quite some time. It's not often that a character consumes my thoughts. The steam factor was high. I mean the chemistry is so clear and that's what makes it hot. [I'd rate it a] 5 star for sure and I don't rate that high often." – Kelly E


"I'd rate the book five stars for sure. It's essential to the series but beyond that just really f*****g enjoyable. I started out ready to dive into Aris's mind and figure him out. I was not disappointed at all, but I feel like there is still so much more to learn and I love that. I was worried you wouldn't be able to find a modern woman that would make sense with him and mesh well with all of his wisdom and experience. I was pleasantly surprised by Sage. Her strength of character and sense of justice and compassion held her down as a match for sure." – Terri D


"Move over Craig, Ari's now my number one. Sweet baby vamps! He can wine me, dine me, and 69 me. UGH! He's just so dominant and sexy. It's a five-star book. It was intriguing and spicy, and the storyline kept me hooked. And it was spicy and steamy." Amanda G