High Tide

The No Logo of climate change – a book that shows how global warming is not a theory we should still debate, but something that has already happened on a global scale. Climate change is not a concern for the future. It's happening right now. In this book – based on the latest scientific evidence – the author takes us around the world to show the impact of global warming already being felt in people's lives. From sand-buried houses in China to thawing Alaskan plains, the author witnesses some of the worst effects of climate change at first hand. Some, like the floods in the UK, are near home. Others – like the drowning Pacific island of Tuvalu – are a world away from the exhaust pipes and factory chimneys that are actually causing global warming. But this isn't simply an inventory of disaster, it's a wry look at how people around the globe are coping as their world changes at unprecedented speed. In the process, the author eats whale blubber in Alaska, swims in shark-infested waters off the Great Barrier Reef and struggles to the top of Andean peaks in Peru. An adventure with a conscience and an argument with an urgent purpose, High Tide is an extremely important book. Reviews ‘With High Tide, Mark Lynas has given us a tremendous gift: he has time-travelled into our terrifying collective future, a future that has already arrived in the farthest reaches of the globe. Go with him on this breathtaking, beautifully told journey – to island nations being engulfed by rising tides, to towns swallowed by encroaching desert, to glaciers melting into oceans – and I promise that you will come back changed, determined to alter the course of history.’ Naomi Klein, author of No Logo ‘Clear, lucid and informative.’ New Statesman ‘A thoroughly engaging and well-researched book.’ TLS ‘If you are among those who think climate change is an uncertain, remote issue over which scientists are unsure, politicians talk endlessly to little effect, and mere individuals have no power at all, this book may be for you … Lynas tells us to keep repeating the climate change message. Read his book, and that is exactly what you will do.’ Guardian ‘There will be many more books like High Tide, but this will be remembered as the first … it’ll be the one with the original vision … Not unworthy of comparison with Orwell and certainly the breaker of new ground.’ Independent About the author mark lynas is an activist, journalist and traveller, based in Oxford. He was editor of the website www.oneworld.net, has been involved in protests against GM crops, road-building, Manchester’s second runway etc, and as a result has made many appearances in the press and TV as a commentator on environmental issues. He also throws custard pies at lunatics who pronounce global warming a fantasy.

October 7, 2010
Mark Lynas
Science & Nature
Harper Perennial

Eine neue Geschichte des Lebens

Das neueste Wissen über die Entwicklung des Lebens auf der Erde Eine neue Geschichte des Lebens vereint erstmals die erst in den letzten Jahrzehnten gewonnenen Erkenntnisse verschiedener Fächer von der Geologie über Paläontologie, Geo- und Astrobiologie, Physik, Chemie bis zur Genetik, Zoologie und Botanik in einer großen, umfassenden Erzählung – und schreibt in entscheidenden Punkten die bisherige Darstellung der Evolution des Lebendigen auf der Erde um. Nach Darwin waren wir davon ausgegangen, dass sich die Veränderungen eher gleichförmig und allmählich vollzogen, aber der jetzt mögliche Blick in die Erdgeschichte zeigt, dass die Entwicklung stärker durch Katastrophen geprägt wurde und zwar nicht nur solche, die Meteoriteneinschläge von außen verursachten. Peter Ward und Joe Kirschvink schildern das spannende Zusammenspiel von Lebewesen und Ökosystemen, von Atmosphäre und Klima, das mehrmals im Lauf der Evolution dazu führte, dass sich die Bedingungen auf der Erde gravierend veränderten und Lebensformen massenhaft ausstarben. Sie geben einen faszinierenden Einblick in die seit 4,6 Milliarden Jahren dauernde Geschichte des Lebens und zeigen zugleich, wie fragil unsere heutige Lebenswelt ist.

September 19, 2016
Joe Kirschvink & Peter Ward
Science & Nature
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