The Next Wave

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Author :
Release : 2012-01-01
Genre : Political Science
Kind : eBook
Book Rating : 897/5 ( reviews)


Book Synopsis The Next Wave by : Darrell M. West

Download or read book The Next Wave written by Darrell M. West. This book was released on 2012-01-01. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: The digital revolution is in full force but many public and private sector leaders are stymied: How can they maximize the full potential of digital technology? This hesitancy puts a brake on the transformational power of digital technology and means private companies and governmental bodies fall well behind other digital pioneers. Darrell West focuses on the next wave of technologies and how they can further enhance U.S. social and political innovation. West champions exploiting technological advances to help organizations become faster, smarter, and more efficient. Consumers can deploy new digital technology to improve health care, gain access to education, learn from the news media, and check public sector performance. New storage platforms such as high-speed broadband, mobile communications, and cloud computing enable and improve both social and economic development. However, to gain these benefits, policymakers must recognize the legitimacy of public fears about technology and the privacy and security dangers posed by the Internet. Their goal must be to further innovation and investment while also protecting basic social and individual values. West argues that digital technology innovation is consistent in many ways with personal and social values; people can deploy digital technology to improve participation and collaboration, and political leaders can work with the private sector to stimulate a flowering of innovation in a variety of policy areas.

Human Frontiers

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Author :
Release : 2022-08-02
Genre : History
Kind : eBook
Book Rating : 101/5 ( reviews)


Book Synopsis Human Frontiers by : Michael Bhaskar

Download or read book Human Frontiers written by Michael Bhaskar. This book was released on 2022-08-02. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: Why has the flow of big, world-changing ideas slowed down? A provocative look at what happens next at the frontiers of human knowledge. The history of humanity is the history of big ideas that expand our frontiers—from the wheel to space flight, cave painting to the massively multiplayer game, monotheistic religion to quantum theory. And yet for the past few decades, apart from a rush of new gadgets and the explosion of digital technology, world-changing ideas have been harder to come by. Since the 1970s, big ideas have happened incrementally—recycled, focused in narrow bands of innovation. In this provocative book, Michael Bhaskar looks at why the flow of big, world-changing ideas has slowed, and what this means for the future. Bhaskar argues that the challenge at the frontiers of knowledge has arisen not because we are unimaginative and bad at realizing big ideas but because we have already pushed so far. If we compare the world of our great-great-great-grandparents to ours today, we can see how a series of transformative ideas revolutionized almost everything in just a century and a half. But recently, because of short-termism, risk aversion, and fractious decision making, we have built a cautious, unimaginative world. Bhaskar shows how we can start to expand the frontier again by thinking big—embarking on the next Universal Declaration of Human Rights or Apollo mission—and embracing change.

The Coming Wave

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Author :
Release : 2023-09-05
Genre : Technology & Engineering
Kind : eBook
Book Rating : 960/5 ( reviews)


Book Synopsis The Coming Wave by : Mustafa Suleyman

Download or read book The Coming Wave written by Mustafa Suleyman. This book was released on 2023-09-05. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • An urgent warning of the unprecedented risks that AI and other fast-developing technologies pose to global order, and how we might contain them while we have the chance—from a co-founder of the pioneering artificial intelligence company DeepMind “A fascinating, well-written, and important book.”—Yuval Noah Harari “Essential reading.”—Daniel Kahneman “An excellent guide for navigating unprecedented times.”—Bill Gates A Best Book of the Year: Economist, Financial Times, CEO Magazine • Winner of the Inc. Non-Obvious Book Award • Finalist for the Porchlight Business Book Award and the Financial Times and Schroders Business Book of the Year Award We are approaching a critical threshold in the history of our species. Everything is about to change. Soon you will live surrounded by AIs. They will organise your life, operate your business, and run core government services. You will live in a world of DNA printers and quantum computers, engineered pathogens and autonomous weapons, robot assistants and abundant energy. None of us are prepared. As co-founder of the pioneering AI company DeepMind, part of Google, Mustafa Suleyman has been at the centre of this revolution. The coming decade, he argues, will be defined by this wave of powerful, fast-proliferating new technologies. In The Coming Wave, Suleyman shows how these forces will create immense prosperity but also threaten the nation-state, the foundation of global order. As our fragile governments sleepwalk into disaster, we face an existential dilemma: unprecedented harms on one side, the threat of overbearing surveillance on the other. Can we forge a narrow path between catastrophe and dystopia? This groundbreaking book from the ultimate AI insider establishes “the containment problem”—the task of maintaining control over powerful technologies—as the essential challenge of our age.

The Coming Waves

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Author :
Release : 2014-09-01
Genre :
Kind : eBook
Book Rating : 961/5 ( reviews)


Book Synopsis The Coming Waves by : Dustin DiPerna

Download or read book The Coming Waves written by Dustin DiPerna. This book was released on 2014-09-01. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: DiPerna and Augustine have curated a fantastic collection of inspiring articles written by integral thinkers from around the globe. The Coming Waves highlights a bright future for humanity. With emphasis given to the phrase "Wake Up, Grow Up, Clean Up, Show Up" the book outlines a unique example of what it means to be a truly integrated spiritual practitioner in our current times. Topics include: spiritual awakening, evolutionary philosophy and development, psychological health, social activism, and the role of intersubjective practice in the unfolding of a planetary culture, among others. In its attempt to provide a platform for the next wave of integral thinkers, the majority of authors are in their 20s, 30s, and 40s. Each author was selected for the particular gift that he or she brings to the larger constellation of writers. If you want to catch a glimpse of our bright future, this book provides a peek into the new Earth and new civilization that has already arrived. Contributing Authors: Michael Wombacher, Jeff Carreira, Dustin DiPerna, John Churchill, Clint Fuhs, Michael Brabant, Andrew Venezia, H.B. Augustine, Thomas Huebl, Rob McNamara, Jana Espiritu Santo, Eliot Bissey, Gail Hochachka, Mikyo Clark, Mick Quinn, Debora Prieto. This second edition includes a new foreword by Ken Wilber.

The Content Machine

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Author :
Release : 2013-10
Genre : Computers
Kind : eBook
Book Rating : 216/5 ( reviews)


Book Synopsis The Content Machine by : Michael Bhaskar

Download or read book The Content Machine written by Michael Bhaskar. This book was released on 2013-10. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: This ground-breaking study, the first of its kind, outlines a theory of publishing that allows publishing houses to focus on their core competencies in times of crisis. Tracing the history of publishing from the press works of fifteenth-century Germany to twenty-first-century Silicon Valley, via Venice, Beijing, Paris and London, and fusing media theory and business experience, ‘The Content Machine’ offers a new understanding of content, publishing and technology, and defiantly answers those who contend that publishing has no future in a digital age.

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