Sharpe's Command

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Author :
Release : 2024-04-02
Genre : Historical Fiction
Kind : ebook
Book Rating : 5/5 (27 reviews)


Book Synopsis Sharpe's Command by : Bernard Cornwell

Download or read book Sharpe's Command written by Bernard Cornwell. This book was released on 2024-04-02. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: New York Times bestselling author Bernard Cornwell returns to the early years of the nineteenth century, capturing the bravery, battles, and bloodshed of Britain’s peninsular wars with this epic tale featuring his iconic hero Richard Sharpe.




If any man can do the impossible it’s Richard Sharpe.

And the impossible is exactly what the formidable Captain Sharpe is asked to do when he’s sent on an undercover mission to a small village in the Spanish countryside, far behind enemy lines.

For the quiet, remote village, sitting high above the Almaraz bridge, is about to become the center of a battle for the future of Europe. Two French armies march towards the bridge, one from the North and one from the South. If they meet, the British are lost.

Only Sharpe's small group of men—with their cunning and courage to rely on—stand in their way. But they're rapidly outnumbered, enemies are hiding in plain sight, and as the French edge ever closer to the frontline, time is running out. . . .