Muses and Melodies

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Author :
Release : 2023-05-01
Genre : Fiction
Kind : eBook
Book Rating : 452/5 ( reviews)


Book Synopsis Muses and Melodies by : Rebecca Yarros

Download or read book Muses and Melodies written by Rebecca Yarros. This book was released on 2023-05-01. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: Nur sie blickt hinter die Fassade des Rockstars Sex, Drugs and Rock ’n’ Roll - Nixon Winters, der Leadgitarrist der erfolgreichen Band Hush Note, hat es mit seinem wilden Lebensstil zu weit getrieben und ist in einer Entzugsklinik gelandet. Jedoch fällt es ihm nach dem Entzug schwer, seine dunkle Vergangenheit hinter sich zu lassen. Deshalb wird ihm von seinem Management für sechs Monate Zoe Shannon als Assistentin zur Seite gestellt. Nixon gefällt es zunächst gar nicht, eine Aufpasserin zu haben. Und auch Zoe würde viel lieber ihre eigene Band managen, als Nixons Babysitterin zu spielen. Doch schon bald erkennt sie, dass hinter den vielen Tattoos und dem Bad-Boy-Image so viel mehr steckt. Und sie wünscht sich nichts sehnlicher, als den Mann hinter der Fassade des Rockstars kennenzulernen ... »Alles, was ich von einer Rockstar-Romance will und mehr!« A BIT SMUTTY BOOK BLOG Band 3 der Rockstar-Romance-Reihe HUSH NOTE von USA-TODAY-Bestseller-Autorin Rebecca Yarros

The High-Kilted Muse

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Author :
Release : 2010-04-02
Genre : Music
Kind : eBook
Book Rating : 317/5 ( reviews)


Book Synopsis The High-Kilted Muse by : Murray Shoolbraid

Download or read book The High-Kilted Muse written by Murray Shoolbraid. This book was released on 2010-04-02. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: In 1832 the Scottish ballad collector Peter Buchan of Peterhead, Aberdeenshire, presented an anthology of risqué‚ and convivial songs and ballads to a Highland laird. When Professor Francis James Child of Harvard was preparing his magisterial edition of The English and Scottish Popular Ballads, he made enquiries about it, but it was not made available in time to be considered for his work. On his death it was presented to the Child Memorial Library at Harvard. Because of its unseemly materials, the manuscript has languished there ever since, unprinted, though referred to now and again, and a few items have from time to time made an appearance. The manuscript has now been transcribed with full annotation and with an introduction on the compiler, his times, and the Scottish bawdy tradition. It contains the texts (without tunes) of seventy-six bawdy songs and ballads, along with a long-lost scatological poem attributed to the Edinburgh writer James "Balloon" Tytler. Appendices give details of Buchan's two published collections of ballads. Additionally, there is a list of tale types and motifs, a glossary of Scots and archaic words, a bibliography, and an index. The High-Kilted Muse brings to light a long-suppressed volume and fills in a great gap in published bawdy songs and ballads.

The Sound of Paper

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Author :
Release : 2006-05-04
Genre : Reference
Kind : eBook
Book Rating : 558/5 ( reviews)


Book Synopsis The Sound of Paper by : Julia Cameron

Download or read book The Sound of Paper written by Julia Cameron. This book was released on 2006-05-04. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: 'Lately, I am trying to provoke myself into art - into writing... I wasn't exactly in despair - I was in cynicism, which is despair's more torpid sister... Let me tell you how writing snuck back on me.' Whether you are starting from scratch or need a gentle nudge back in the right direction, The Sound of Paper is a wonderful creative companion. Through inspiring essays and practical tasks, it stimulates creativity so that the reader becomes more and more familiar with their own strengths. Including her own fascinating journey from writer's block back to productive work, which takes the reader across America from New York to New Mexico, this is a story of inspiration infused with brilliantly practical suggestions, the perfect combination for anyone on the path to creativity.

Bits of Spirit & Parts of Soul"...Reclaiming the Archetypes of Creation Within.

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Author :
Release : 2014-12-01
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
Kind : eBook
Book Rating : 31X/5 ( reviews)


Book Synopsis Bits of Spirit & Parts of Soul"...Reclaiming the Archetypes of Creation Within. by : Nevine Z Rottinger

Download or read book Bits of Spirit & Parts of Soul"...Reclaiming the Archetypes of Creation Within. written by Nevine Z Rottinger. This book was released on 2014-12-01. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: Within every human as within the whole of creation, there exist major fundamental directive and working energetic programmes. Some call these massive force fields of influence the Archetypes, whilst others call them Morphological Fields. Ancient cultures recognised them as their Gods & Goddesses. These force fields define the blueprints for the building blocks of matter as well as the actual mechanisms or "technology" which operate throughout the Cosmos. To understand these Fundamental force fields is to understand the Energy Blueprint from which the Cosmos is both structured & driven. Some call the sum of these Force fields ; the "Mind of God". These fundamental energy fields are perhaps best understood, as the "bits" of Prime Creator (Great Spirit) & the "parts of soul" within humans, plants, animals, & the elements throughout creation. As you read Book 1 and Book 2 describing the Major Archetypes of Creation, you will gain a profound understanding of yourself & the force field which permeates the very "Stuff of Creation". The content within these 2 books is divided into four" stand-alone parts" which allow you the reader the freedom to explore any single group of archetypes in any order you wish. Included, are sections for those who wish to use the Vibrational Essences & Elixirs which are designed to activate & enhance these same Archetypal Energies within you should you wish it. The material is channeled & may at times break grammatical rules. Just read as is you will understand the reason.

Byron's Romantic Celebrity

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Author :
Release : 2007-07-31
Genre : Literary Criticism
Kind : eBook
Book Rating : 383/5 ( reviews)


Book Synopsis Byron's Romantic Celebrity by : T. Mole

Download or read book Byron's Romantic Celebrity written by T. Mole. This book was released on 2007-07-31. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: This book offers a new history and theory of modern celebrity. It argues that celebrity is a cultural apparatus that emerged in response to the Romantic industrialization of print and culture. It investigates the often strained interactions of artistic endeavour and commercial enterprise, and the place of celebrity culture in history of the self.

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